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Commercial Solutions

Pacific Awnings has been working with commercial customers for over 30 years. We work with hotels, restaurants, golf clubs, resorts, bars, coffee shops as well as schools, hospitals and government organizations and more. Our commercial solutions can provide protection for your patio or storefront from sun, rain, wind, cold as well as from vandalism or break-ins. We can help you keep you patio open year-round, extend your seating area and grow your profits. In most cases our products will pay for themselves in increased profits in a short amount of time. 


Retractable Awnings

Cost effective way to get protection from sun or light rain with motorized or manually operated awnings in several styles. Custom made for your space, with many colour choices, features and mounting options. Option to add signage.

Commercial and Storefront Awnings

Fixed, welded frame awnings that provide a simple and inexpensive way to add signage to your business and create a custom look for your store front. They also provide shelter for your customers coming in and out of your business.

Louvered Pergolas

Aluminum pergolas with pivoting louvers elevate your outdoor space and allow you to control the amount of sun you let in, provide protection from rain as well as wind or cold with the addition of retractable screens and heaters. Many customization options with motorization, LED lighting, colours and mounting options. Connect several units together to cover large patios.

Corradi Pergotenda Retractable Roof

Corradi Pergotenda is a versatile aluminum structure with retractable waterproof fabric roof providing protection from sun and rain with the option to retract the roof cover for full sun exposure.

Retractable Screens

Protection from sun, wind, cold, heat as well privacy, our screens can be motorized or manually operated. They can be installed on your pergola, patio or over your windows to improve energy efficiency and to reduce the heat gain of the sun before it reaches the window surface.

Security Roll Shutters

Roll shutters offer one of the best ways to keep out intruders and discourage vandals by protecting your windows and doors with a physical barrier in front of your expensive glass, preventing costly replacement. Roll shutters create a visual deterrent to stop break-ins before they occur.

Security Gates and Folding Grilles

Expanding security gates can secure your store, office or business with a cost-effective solution while preserving visibility inside. Security gates fold up to about 15% of their size and can swing completely out of the way when not in use. Folding grilles act as a visible barrier and effective crime deterrent without distracting from the appearance of your property or storefront. They can be quickly and easily folded back, allowing unobstructed access to your property during business hours.

Patio Covers, Privacy Walls and Railings

Patio covers are the ultimate fixed solution for rain protection or sun protection with solid or tinted glass panels. They are very durable and offer great design and customization options. They can also accommodate the addition of retractable screens, privacy walls and railings.

Our experienced sales team can help make recommendations on how to best protect your outdoor space or secure your business and which of our products are most suitable for your situation. Contact Us today for free consultation.

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