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Aluminum Railings

Aluminum & Glass Railings for Pool, Patio or Deck

Custom-made to size, high-quality aluminum railing systems with standard pickets or glass panels.

We offer various railing options, from standard picket-style aluminum railings to clear glass railing and even top-less glass railings. Our standard picket-style aluminum railings provide a classic look that is both stylish and functional. Available in different colours and finishes, these railings are durable and require minimal maintenance.

No matter which railing style you choose, our team of professionals can help you select the best option for your particular needs and budget. We offer top-quality customer service, installation and competitive prices to maintain the top-notch reputation we proudly hold here on Vancouver Island. Contact us today for a consultation.

Why Choose Aluminum vs Glass Railings

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, we will help you find a railing system that has elegance and durability. If you are unsure about glass vs aluminum, here are some points to consider:

Aluminum Railings

  • Durable – Aluminum railings are resistant to rust, corrosion, and weather damage, making them suitable for outdoor use in various conditions.
  • Low Maintenance – They don’t require much upkeep beyond occasional cleanings with a mild soap and water solution.
  • Cost-Effective – Aluminum railings are typically more affordable than glass railings.

Glass Railings

  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Glass railings offer a modern, sleek look that can enhance the visual appeal of any space. Topless glass railings provide an almost invisible barrier for the ultimate in minimalism. These railings are perfect for properties with stunning views or for those who prefer a clean, minimalist look.
  • Versatile – Glass railings can be installed in a variety of settings, including stairs, balconies, and decks.
  • Safe – They are thick and tempered, reducing the risk of shattering or breaking, making them secure for children and pets without compromising views.
  • Provide for a Great View – Clear glass deck railings provide an unobstructed view and a modern, sleek appearance. These railings are popular in contemporary homes and commercial buildings. They are also ideal for elevated decks and balconies.

No matter which railing style you choose, our team of professionals can help you select the best option for your individual needs and budget. Contact us today for a consultation!

Quality Commercial and Residential Railing Solutions

If you’re looking for a stylish and modern way to enhance your home or workplace, custom aluminum and glass railings may be the solution you’ve been searching for. Here are some ideas about how to use them:

  1. Exterior Railings: For outdoor spaces such as decks, gates, balconies, and gardens, aluminum and glass railings are a perfect choice. They are weather-resistant and do not rust, offering a durable option. Glass panels provide an unobstructed view while keeping the area secure.

  2. Interior Stair Railings: Modernize your home decor with these handrails for interior staircases. Aluminum and glass railings bring contemporary vibes into the home and provide safety and security for those walking up and down the steps.

  3. Office Partitions: Glass and aluminum railings can be used as unique office partitions as they offer transparency and create a bright and inspiring workspace. This design not only adds aesthetic beauty but also creates a secure division between employees’ desks and makes it easier to navigate throughout the office.

  4. Pool Fence: Enclose your pool area with aluminum and glass railings. This design will provide great visibility while providing maximum safety to the pool area. Aluminum railings do not corrode in humidity or water and can be a great solution for a long-lasting pool fence.

  5. Patio Enclosures: For outdoor spaces, glass walls on aluminum frames provide an elegant segue from the indoors to the outside. You can enjoy your outdoor patio without being affected by the elements while still having an unobstructed view of your yard or garden.

Our aluminum and glass railings are not just practical, but they also bring a modern vibe to any environment. They are durable, easy to maintain, and long-lasting.

We Also Install Privacy Panels

In addition to railings, we offer privacy panels made from aluminum slats or obscure glass. These privacy panels can be utilized in various settings, such as outdoor living spaces, decks, pool areas, and more, offering a sense of seclusion and security.

Aluminum slat panels provide a contemporary and trendy look while allowing airflow, making them a practical choice for outdoor areas. They are durable, keep out sunlight, and are easy to maintain.

Obscure glass panels are another option for adding privacy to your outdoor living space while allowing natural light to filter through. They come in various textures and levels of obscurity, allowing you to choose the degree of privacy you require.

Our privacy panels add function and style to your deck or patio. Contact us for a quote or visit our showroom to view samples in person.


No, aluminum railings do not rust. Aluminum is a lightweight and durable metal that is resistant to rust and corrosion.

While the cost of aluminum railings vary depending on specific factors (size, location etc), they are generally considered to be a cost-effective option compared to wrought iron or steel. Typically, our aluminum railings start at less than $100 per linear foot installed.

Contact Us For a Free Quote

All of our railings and privacy panels are custom-made to size and come in either black or white powder-coated aluminum. Depending on the application, the glass is either 6mm or 10mm tempered. Our strong and lightweight railings offer a sleek, modern look for your home or business.

We stand behind our quality workmanship and the attention to detail that we bring to all our residential and commercial projects. We have styles to suit every taste – experience the unparalleled beauty and quality from Pacific Awnings!