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Electric Awnings, Screens & Pergolas

Many of our products such as awnings, screens and pergola offer the option to add motorized operation as well as features such as wind sensors, sun sensor and smart home integration. Some of our products only come motorized due to their size and/or weight.

Motorization is becoming a lot more popular due to it’s convenience – simple push of a button vs. manual crank operation, but also due to the ability to protect your investment by adding safety features such wind sensors, which automatically retract your awning to prevent damage. Sun sensors offer the ability to have your patio covering to close (such as our StruXure louvered pergola) or for a retractable screen to roll down to prevent your space from getting too hot. The best thing is that you don’t even have to be home. Our retractable screens combined with motorization and sun sensors can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home by reducing the heat gain of your windows and reducing air conditioning requirements.

We use industry leading motorization suppliers such as Somfy for most of our motorization needs. For added convenience and ease you can also integrate our products into our smart home system so that they operate seamlessly with the rest of your home automation.

In addition, let’s face it, motorization and automation are just cool! Once you experience it, you will never go back!

"From initial consult, to quoting and adjustments, to ordering and installation, a positive experience.

The installation crew was friendly, professional, and committed to getting every detail right. By the time they left, the worksite was cleaned up and looked better than when they had arrived. Super impressed, with everyone we dealt with, and the process from start to finish. We've now got a structured, motorized awning to cover a very sunny back deck, waterproofed for the rainy season. Very highly recommend Pacific Awnings to anyone in YYJ looking for a shelter solution!"

Don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying your outdoor spaces. Whether you need sun or wind or rain protection, we can help you create OUTDOOR SPACES FOR ALL SEASONS.