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Aluminum & Glass Patio Covers Victoria BC

The ultimate solution for rain protection or sun protection with solid or tinted glass panels. Our high quality, durable aluminum patio covers offer great design options and can also accommodate the addition of retractable screens. Also a great options for carports!

Patio covers with aluminum or glass panels offer the best protection from rain and the elements at a reasonable cost. They provide a cool and comfortable place to enjoy the outdoors, extending your living space and your outdoor leisure time while offering you protection from the sun, rain or snow. It’s a perfect way to keep your deck, patio, walkway or stairwell safe and dry. Our patio covers are manufactured with the highest quality, powder coated aluminum materials and are engineered to last. Our patio covers can be free standing or mounted to a structure (wall, roof or even fascia mounted). We can accommodate just about any shape or size with this solution and are able to add retractable screens to create more of a enclosed space. In addition our patio covers look great and can elevate your space from the design perspective.

Our fixed patio covers can also be used as car ports to protect your vehicles, RV’s, boats, entry doors and more from the elements. You can add skylights to your aluminum patio cover to brighten your outdoor space or to let more light inside your home. We can also make the entire patio cover out of tempered glass with several options for the glass from clear to tinted or reflective glass.

Our aluminum patio covers can be white or black and are maintenance free. They come with a gutter and downspouts for proper water runoff. The fixed aluminum covers are custom fit for just about any shape or size. Our patio covers can also be free standing and can be made to look more like pergola structures with more pronounced posts and beams.

We offer three types of patio cover options:

– Solid v-shaped aluminum panels

– Solid, smooth insulated aluminum panels

– Glass panels (clear or tinted)

All of our products are custom made for your space and can be customized with many features such as decorative beams or beam cuts, post wraps, etc. Contact us today for a quote.