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Retractable Awnings

Manual & Motorized Awnings in Victoria BC

A retractable deck or patio awning is a cost-effective way to get protection from the sun or light rain. With a choice between motorized or manual operation, our awnings come in several styles and a variety of colours. Custom-made for your space, they are packed with features and mounting options.

Deck or Patio Awnings

Our awnings can be manually operated with a crank handle, but an automatic, motorized awning powered by an electric Somfy motor with remote control instantly transforms a deck into a cool and comfortable outdoor living space with the touch of a button. Optional wind sensors can automatically retract the awning to prevent damage and protect your investment.

Cassette Awnings

We carry several styles of coverings from more traditional awnings to very modern, sleek-looking shades that roll out from, and retract into an aluminum cassette when not in use. In addition, our awnings can be mounted on a wall, under a soffit or even roof-mounted. We have retractable electric awnings that can be up to 30 feet wide and have projections over 13 feet.

In addition to open, partial cassette and full cassette awnings we offer the Stobag Pergolino supported retractable awning which offers numerous benefits such as extended projection (up to almost 20 feet), stronger wind resistance and the ability to connect several units together to cover larger spaces. The Pergolino can also withstand a significant amount of rain if it is installed at a good slope.

Customize Your Awning

Of course we offer a variety of frame colours and numerous fabrics as well as add-on options. Our awnings are always custom-made for your space and suited to your tastes. We have models that are very cost-effective as well as ones that are big on design and features.

Some of our awnings offer unique features such as a Marcesa centre beam support which keeps the fabric stretched and provides extra headroom. This trademarked design feature is unique to our Aristocrat lineup. A drop-down valance can also be added to some of our models to provide additional protection from low sun or for extra privacy.

Pacific Awnings is the leader on Vancouver Island for retractable outdoor products since 1991.

"From the initial site visit to the installation of an awning for a deck, the service was excellent including follow up to ensure we were happy. I would highly recommend Pacific Awnings."

Retractable Awnings FAQ

The cost to install a retractable awning in Canada can range from less than $3000 to $15000, depending on the size, fabric, and mechanism used. Other factors like installation difficulty, customization, and location may also affect the installation cost.

1. Versatile: Can be opened and closed as per your preference. It gives the homeowner the flexibility to change the amount of sunlight or shade they desire.

2. Aesthetic appeal: They come in a wide range of colours and styles, providing added beauty to your home or outdoor space.

3. Energy-efficient: Can help in reducing your home’s indoor temperature by shading the windows from direct sunlight. It can decrease your heating and cooling expenses by making your home more energy-efficient.

4. Durability: Are made from high-quality materials like aluminum, acrylic or vinyl, which make them strong enough to withstand the elements for long periods.

1. Upfront cost: Can be a bit more costly than traditional fixed coverings. It also depends on the size, material, and type of awning you select.

2. Complex installation: They are more challenging to install than traditional fixed solutions. It needs to be done with complete precision to ensure that all parts and the awning itself are correctly aligned.

3. Wind limitations: They need to be retracted during high winds, which can damage the frame or the fabric.

The lifespan of retractable awnings depends on several factors such as the quality of materials, frequency of use, and maintenance level. Generally, high-quality retractable awnings can last for 20-25 years or even longer if properly maintained. However, some lower-quality models may only last a few years.

Don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying your outdoor spaces. Whether you need sun or wind or rain protection, we can help you create OUTDOOR SPACES FOR ALL SEASONS.

Enjoy your time outside in any weather with an awning from Pacific Awnings!