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Roll Shutters & Security Gates

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Security Shutters Victoria BC

Protect your windows and doors from weather or unwanted visitors and break-ins with our roll shutters, folding security gates, folding grilles and window security bars

Roll shutters offer protection for windows and doors from harsh weather or unwanted visitors. We offer a variety of residential roll shutters in Victoria and the surrounding areas, all of which are of different sizes, strengths, and operators, depending on your unique requirements. They are manually operated with cranks or torsion spring operators or they can be motorized and operated with a switch or remote. Locks are available for added security. 


Roll shutters are one of the best ways to keep out intruders and discourage vandals. It is unlike using an alarm system that alerts you to the fact that someone unauthorized is already in the premises. We believe that keeping them out is the best solution.  

Roll shutters may be lowered completely at night to form strong curtains that will prevent potential burglars from breaking into your home. Since roll shutters are controlled from inside, no unauthorized operation can occur. For additional security, choose automatic locking mechanisms. Usually, closed roll shutters are such a visual deterrent that no break-in attempts are made. Roll shutters can thus stop break-ins before they occur. We have many different strengths and sizes of curtains to provide you with the security you want with the strength you need. In addition, roll shutters provide a barrier in front of your expensive glass, preventing costly replacement and rising insurance costs. 


Roll shutters provide protection for the windows in your home against flying debris, tree branches, and driving rain. Because they are mounted on the exterior of your home, roll shutters are extremely effective in protecting vulnerable windows and doors from driving rain, high winds, hail, and flying debris that can occur during storms, especially here on the west coast. Homes or cottages that are locked up for the season and that have broken glass from flying debris in moderate winds can sustain enormous further damage from continued exposure to the elements. Roll shutters can also help eliminate water leakage in poorly sealed French doors that are exposed to wind and rain. 


You can secure your office or business by installing folding security gates. Security gates can be mounted either on the inside of the building or the outside, depending on the application. Normally mounted on the inside, thieves must first break the glass and then attempt to penetrate the gates, thereby making noise and creating more of a ‘hassle factor’ for the thief. 

When open for business, the gates fold up to 15% of their closed size and can swing completely out of the way. Expanding gates create a very cost-effective way to secure your building while leaving a view of the inside. This can be desirable if you have merchandise that you wish to be viewed when the business is closed. Our expanding gates are easily installed and require no maintenance. They are made of 1/2″ tubular steel and come in standard white or black finish but are available in any RAL colour. They come with a thumb turn lock, keyed hook lock, or simple padlock. 

Expanding gates can also be used to secure interior areas within your business, such as jewelry cabinets. They are easy for staff to operate yet deter the ‘grab and run’ of highly valuable merchandise. They are sturdy enough to span open areas such as closed parking areas, closed warehouse areas, etc.  


Aluminum folding grilles are the perfect way to balance visibility and security, especially in high-traffic retail areas. They offer the best in storefront protection, allowing customers to see through the grille to the other side while simultaneously restricting access. Folding grilles act as a visible barrier and effective crime deterrent without distracting from the appearance of your property or storefront. And they can be quickly and easily folded back, allowing unobstructed access to your property during business hours. That makes them an excellent security choice for a wide variety of businesses, locations, and applications.

Hung from a track at the ceiling, grilles can be open, or with tempered glass between the vertical slats and are also available with solid aluminum panels for privacy and security or perforated steel panels for extra strength. Because of the track, grilles can accommodate curved openings in almost any configuration.


Made from tough, maintenance-free aircraft grade aluminum, they are available in a number of designs in custom sizes to fit any size openings. Our fixed security bars are made from all-welded steel construction (no spot welds). They can be finished in any colour available and can be colour matched to your particular application. We also offer opening security bars for bedroom windows.

**There is no absolute protection against a determined, professional burglar. Rollshutters and other security products will only lower the chances of a successful break-in or an act of vandalism. For very high-risk areas, consider combining rollshutters with other security devices, such as alarm systems.